Meditation Workshop

Primordial Sound Meditation is generally taught in three sessions. These sessions can take place over a 2 or 3 day period of time. Some people prefer a group experience while others are more comfortable learning meditation one on one in a private session. Either way, over the course of the workshop you will be given lots of information and techniques to enhance and deepen your meditation practice.

Session 1: Basic Principles and Individual Instruction

In this session, you will learn the foundations of Primordial Sound Meditation, use of the mantras and the benefits of meditation. Following this discussion, you will meet individually with your meditation instructor to receive your personal mantra and be instructed in how to use it. After instruction, you will practice meditation for approximately 30 minutes.

Session 2: Perfecting your Practice

In this session, we will cover the practical aspects of Primordial Sound Meditation. We will discuss the where, when and how of creating a new, lifelong habit to improve your quality of life. During this session, we will also share our collective experiences, expectations and ask questions. Thereafter we will meditate together.

Session 3: Exploring Higher States of Consciousness

In this session, we delve into the different levels of consciousness as further codified by Dr. Deepak Chopra. This ancient road map dates back thousands of years and describes a wonderful journey between local and non-local awareness, between what exists in space and time and what exists in the quantum field of pure potentiality where anything is possible.